Enjoy the view from our terrace.
Our terrace with a view over the dam
not only invites you to linger in summer.
Even in the colder months of the year
because it can be fully heated

Hotel Gasthaus Kranich Saalburg



Our hotel has 13 double and two single rooms. In addition, our hotel has two bungalows, which are located in the adjacent property. Like three holiday apartments in the house.


The charming surroundings around the Thuringian Sea offer a wide range of opportunities to spend your free time.

We particularly recommend the Märchenwald amusement park, the climbing forest, the summer toboggan run, the passenger boat trip and much more ...

                      Bus companies are always welcome!

                                  (in-house parking lot)


* Hotel Gasthaus Kranich

* Markt 59

* 07929 Saalburg

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* Internet www.gasthaus-kranich.de

* E-Mail info@gasthaus-kranich.de

Opening hours

Daily from 11 a.m.

Monday from 4 p.m.


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